Jason is proud and grateful to continue the knowledge he earned, studied and was shared from his boxing master.

Jason was coached and mentored one to one by Sean Harty (Irish Senior Welterweight Champion) who came from Bohermore, Co Galway, Ireland. Sean started out as a schoolboy boxer, boxing out of Our Ladies Boys Club, Galway, and later boxing out of Corrib Boxing Club, Galway. In the 1960's Sean was also a very talented member of the Irish Boxing Team.

In 1960, Sean went to England with his boxing coach/mentor Paddy Delargy. (In 1957, Paddy Delargy fought the great Dick Tiger as a professional in the Embassy Sportsdrome in Birmingham, England). Sean lived in Coventry, where he trained and boxed among the professional boxers. Sean's boxing ability earned him a spar with the British Middleweight Champion Mick Leahy, and from the early to mid-sixties Sean was Mick Leahy's chief sparring partner (Mick Leahy was born in Cork, fought professional in England, won the British Middleweight title in 1963, and in 1964 he fought and beat the great Sugar Ray Robinson).

Sean had several offers to turn professional and on one particular occasion in 1963, boxing manager Jim Wicks (who managed Paddy Delargy and Henry Cooper at the time) offered Sean to make his professional debut in Wembley London on a fight bill of the which the main event was Muhammad Ali v Henry Cooper. Sean seriously considered this offer, and after taking everything into consideration and getting sound advice, he continued on as Mick Leahy's chief sparing partner and continued to box in the amateur ranks where he shared the ring with Vic Andritti (British Lightweight Champion), Anthony 'Tony' Riley (ABA Featherweight Champion, BBBofC Midlands Area Lightweight Champion), Robert Taylor (British ABA Light Welterweight Champion), Alan Tootho (British ABA Welterweight Champion), Bobby Arthur (British and European Lightweight Champion, European Welterweight Champion), Dick McTaggart (British and British Empire Lightweight Champion, European Lightweight Champion and Olympic Gold Lightweight Champion), Jim McCourt (IABA Lightweight Champion, British Empire Lightweight Champion and Olympic Lightweight Bronze Medalist), Jim 'Spike' McCormack (Northern Ireland Lightweight Champion), Tom Imire (Scottish, British and British Empire Light Middleweight Champion), Marco Scano (Italy Welterweight Champion, EBU European Welterweight Champion), just to name a few.

Sean Harty always had a flair for coaching. In parallel to his boxing career, from around 1962 he was coaching boxers out of the Edgwick Trade Hall in Coventry. He coached Dan McLinden (British and British Empire Heavyweight Champion), Jim Henry (Irish Senior Bantamweight Champion and Irish International), Pat Long (Irish Senior Light Heavy Champion and Irish International).

Sean returned home to Galway, Ireland in 1967, where he boxed and coached out of the Olympic Boxing Club (Formerly known as Corrib Boxing Cub), Galway. In early 1967 Sean became the Irish Senior Welterweight Champion, he also competed with Galway Hiberian FC, Our Ladys Boys Club Rugby and Galway Rovers Rugby winning locals titles. Sean continued to box until the early 1970's, which after he dedicated his life to coaching boxers and more champions like Frank Heaney (Irish Senior Heavyweight Champion), Patrick Ward (5 x Irish Champion), Jason Taniane (Connaught Champion, Irish Athletic Third Level Boxing Association Champion), David Giles Jr (Irish Athletic Third Level Boxing Association Champion), Charlie Ward (County Champion, Connaught Champion).

Sean Harty coached boxing with passion, a true perfectionist in teaching the ‘sweet science’ of hit and not get hit. Quoted saying on one occasion "stand in the middle of the road, you get knocked down, stand in the middle of the ring, you get knocked out... so move your feet!"  Sean coached getting in and out of range relentlessly (distance and timing), the technique of punching correct, using your jab to find your range when fighting on the outside, picking shots on your opponent when fighting on the inside, while always insisting you are protected with a great defense in his "Keep your hands up, chin down" mantra.

Sean Harty lived his life as a successful boxer and boxing coach, Jason is proud and grateful to continue the knowledge he earned, studied and was shared by his boxing master.

Boxing Coaching

Want to vary your personal training sessions?

Boxing is excellent for fat loss, toning up, improving your fitness levels, its also a great stress reliever,

Boxing is great for eye, hand and foot coordination, reaction time, and will give you great confidence for self defense.

Practice holding your hands up while moving your feet and learning to punch correct, all the while enjoying sessions practicing combinations on the pads.


 Boxercise Training

Boxercise training allows you to train from 1- 4 people.

Change up your routine and try JT's All Star Fitness boxercise training, or bring a few friends and go through a combination of some boxing, strength and fitness training.

While you are getting fit and toned, you will learn to float like a "butterfly and sting like a bee"... as the words spoken  from 'the greatest' Muhammad Ali.



Increase Strength and Power

'Punchers are born'... and punching power can also be improved, contact JT's All Star Fitness and add another level to your game. Jason will work with you and discuss in detail how you will make this transition, it may as simple as correcting muscle imbalances throughout the kinetic chain or slightly improving your punching technique. "Don't count the days, Make the days count" - Muhammad Ali